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  Khuzestan Power Plants Installation and Maintenance Company (KPIM), was established in 1991 as a state-owned enterprise by Khuzestan Water and Power Authority (KWPA) with the aim of enhancing the specialized capabilities and invaluable experience in water and power industries across Khuzestan Province, improving service quality provided to the customers and laying foundation to reach out for national and international markets to offer services in the fields of installation and maintenance, commissioning and operation of power plants.

The Company branched off from KWPA as a SPV to pursue its activities in thermal, steam, gas and combined cycle power plants, hence, becoming a subsidiary of Khuzestan Regional Power Company (KRP). It was finally privatized by distributing its shares to the management and employees in 2010 in line with the government policies arising from the execution of Article 44 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

KPIM has succeeded in recent years to expand its areas of activity on national and international scales by involving in steel industries, sugarcane mills, oil and gas industries, petrochemicals and oil refineries. By opening a fully equipped calibration laboratory in 2012, the Company has been providing quality services to a wide range of customers in the field of industrial calibration.

By meeting expectations of the customers quality requirements, the Company is committed to follow strictly the standard quality assurance auditing, repair and maintenance services, HSE and other applicable laws and regulations.

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Industrial Calibration Laboratory of KPIM